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Sunday, April 17, 2005


African American Businessman Phil Andrews Celebrates 15 Years of Community service to Long Island Community

Mr. Phil Andrews a prominent African American businessman in the Long Island community celebrates 15 Years of community service to the Long Island community.

Mr. Andrews was recently was selected to be featured on The Literary World located at www.literaryworld.org The Literary World features top individuals in the literary world who are influential in the book industry.

He has conducted Power Networking Business Seminars for well over a decade in the Long Island region and continues to impact the area economically. Mr. Andrews is C & B Books Distribution public relations director. Phil Andrews recently propelled C & B Books Distribution Center to over 100,000 web site hits in a period of less than 14 months.

C & Books is one of the fastest growing online bookstores in the country. C & B Books has been featured at Circle of Sisters Expo and highlighted on Unity First News wire located at www.cbbooksdistribution.com C & B Books has a special authors club where they feature and promote aspiring authors through a authors club which specializes in self-published authors and aspiring authors.

Mr. Andrews recently joined the National African American Speakers Association and has been recently appointed as the Vice President of Public Relations for the National African American Speakers Association (NAASA).

Phil Andrews has served in many capacities during the last decade such as 100 Black Men Board of Directors, Roosevelt Chamber Commerce Board Member.

He has been honored as the Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year 1995 and Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/West Indian Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year.

Mr. Andrews is also listed in Who’s who in Black America and has been featured in Community Journal Newspaper, Point of view newspaper, Shop Talk Magazine, Amsterdam news, and Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review. He is also featured in the book 15 Years of Minority Business Development written by Mr. Robert H. Adams publisher of the Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review.

Mr. Andrews has served on the Executive Board of the Hempstead NAACP and is certified as a Mentor by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. He is also the Public Relations Director for Queens Book Fair, Harlem Book Fair on Long Island and www.blackbusinesscircle.com.

Mr. Andrews looks forward to working with C & B Books as they continue to provide quality services to the reading public through the worldwide web. Log on the C & B Books at
to view their extensive catalog of books and request their free BI-monthly newsletter. You may also email C & B Books at cbbookdist@aol.com to request newsletter or inquire about our online services.

African American Book Ladies tell Story how they launched successful Online Bookstore C & B Books

African American Book Ladies tell Story how they launched successful Online Bookstore C & B Books
C&B BOOKS was started in 1995 by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper. Two years ago we started the C&B Book club. The club has grown immensely. The motivation behind this book business was the lack of affordable books written by African American authors. We decided to become an asset to our Youth and the African American community as a whole. We offer our books for less than the major distributors. We knew this would provide our readers with a wide variety of reading materials. We have titles for all ages and categories, fiction, non-fiction, spiritual and inspirational. In 1995, Caroline Rogers & Brenda Piper became booksellers as a result of selling a few books at the St. Nicholas flea market located in Queens, New York. When Caroline and Brenda first opened for business at the St. Nicholas flea market, it was to sell sensual items, perfumed gift baskets and floral arrangements, which were handmade by Brenda. One Saturday after a little spring cleaning, we decided to bring a few books from our personal collection to the flea market, not realizing that someone would actually buy the books! We didn't believe that we would actually gain a profit or should we say become booksellers as a result of selling our personal book collection. However at the end of the sale day, every book was sold. We actually believed that it was due to our sale prices, which ranged from $1.00 to $5.00, depending on the quality of the book. We soon found out that books were in demand. The children really inspired us; they liked the Dr. Seuss, Lil Elmo, Curious George, Blue Clues, and many other children titles. With this in mind, we decided to specialize in all children books and titles. Caroline was being business smart decided to sell the books at an affordable price, emphasizing children books. Her concept was, if you make a book affordable, you would educate another human being, as well as draw many loyal customers. I agreed, and as a result, C&B Books Distribution was established. In the beginning we never changed our prices. This actually raised our profits. The concept being the less you charge the more the customer can afford to buy. That is how we made our profit from the books. Carol would say, "Greed is not necessary if we get the books at a discount price". "Why not give the customer the same advantage". We became known as the Book ladies. The customers would flock to us, requesting titles and not caring about the book cost because they knew that we would give them the best discount that we could. I suppose you would actually have to sell a book to see the expression of satisfaction on customer's face to realize what we felt; especially the children. I just can't put those feelings into words; it would take too many words. Actually it would take a Book. We sold books at St. Nicholas for the next two years. The last year during the Christmas season, we went to St. Nicholas to sell our books at their Christmas Holiday indoor market. We began to setup the books, when a nice woman approached us and asked us a question; "Do you carry any books written by African American authors?" We being the business smart women that we are (smile) and replied, "Which titles are you interested in? She told us she would return with a list. Carol & I will always be grateful to Ms. Betty Miller Mason; she is the reason that we became African American Booksellers. When we asked Betty if we could mention her name she was elated. Betty we want the world to know that people like you are the reason that we are successful African American Booksellers. Betty Miller Mason from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your inspiration and our first African American Book Sale. Betty returned with an order for over twenty different authors and titles. We remained poised and assured her that we would fill her order by the following weekend When she left, I turned to Carol and asked her, "Where in the heck are we going to get these books from?" We had absolutely no expertise in that area. She responded and said; "We will find a supplier". "Not to worry". Caroline came through. She was so excited that someone was interested in African American authors. She was impressed with the large order for African American authors, that she was determined not only get these books, but to still offer the books at a discount. The next weekend, the nice woman returned. We gave her all of the books that she'd ordered! She was like a little girl in a candy store! As she went through her box, other customers began to hover over her, trying to buy her books. Now as I mentioned before the smart businesswomen that we are, (smile) we were prepared for a response like that. It was actually our plan of advertising. We knew that once she opened her box of books, it would interest others. We sold out and had also taken over a dozen new orders that day. It took us a week to research and find every popular African American author available. Our customers were all races, ages, and from all walks of life. Some became our friends and others came just to visit or place their order. You may wonder why we attracted so many people. The reason that we attracted so many loyal friends and customers, were due to our concern for their satisfaction and happiness, not just their dollars. Children have always been our specialty, so whether the parent could afford a book or not, we never let a child leave without a book, on us. Our children are the future, and reading is fundamental, we never denied any child a book and we never will. In 1997 after we left the St. Nicholas flea market. Carol and I ventured out and became street vendors. We began setting up in all five boroughs of New York; we worked out a schedule, for each place of business. We set up shop in front of various companies that would allow vendors. People came from everywhere; our nickname, The Book Ladies became very popular. The other street vendors, mostly men respected us. We were their sisters and they were very impressed with two women out there selling books. Everyone spoke of our dedication to the book business and community. We didn't allow anything to get in our way. We beat the odds, bad weather, hot days, long hours, every weekend; nothing stopped us from getting books into the communities. Yes, we wanted to gain profit and we still do. However the real reward is when you can provide books for all the people who want them. Now that we are on the Internet, the sky is the limit to how many people lives C&B will touch with their books and have part in their education or leisure time. In the year 2000, we decided to sell books from home. We set up a mail order service in-house. We really wanted an Internet service but weren't educated in that area. We researched and educated ourselves about the Internet business. It wasn't until February 2002, that our dream became a reality. Mr. Phil Andrews, Public Relations Director, and a member of the 100 Black Men of America contacted us. He encouraged us to build a website and put the books on the Internet. We didn't feel that we were ready to take on a venture that large. Carol was not as unsure about the Internet business as I was. However Carol and Phil won me over. We began to build the site. Phil Andrews joined C&B Books Distribution Center as our Public Relations Director on March 1st, 2002. During her research, Caroline contacted a web-designer and asked her to take a look at out our site. Diane of Difs Web-Design came to us with a site that we couldn't refuse. She is presently, updating our site. C&B Book Distribution center is proud to say we made it this far and there is no stopping us now! We are now a full time African American bookseller on the Internet. Look for us at Cbbooksdistribution.com. To speak with Caroline or Brenda please feel free to contact us via, telephone, 1-718-591-4807, or E-mail us at cbbookdist@aol.com Contact Person: Phil Andrews Public Relations Director

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Public Relations boost Brand Awareness for African American Companies

Public Relations boost Brand Awareness for African American Companies Public Relations is a great tool for African-American businesses to build brand awareness for their companies. Most small companies have many newsworthy events that their companies encounter on a daily basis.

Press releases are a major tool for many companies’ public relations campaign. Brand awareness for a company is built over time, and can yield significant results if your campaign is strategically and systematically planned and executed.

The following is a list of some ideas for your companies public relations campaign:

1) XYZ company celebrates 5th year anniversary

2) Book company expands throughout continental U.S.

3) Technology company launches new product

4) Company exceeds sales projection

5) Executive elected to board of directors of non-for- profit

6) New employee joins company

7) Company B forms strategic alliance with company R

8) Company opens new branch office

9) C & B Books Distribution Center receives small business award

10) Telecommunications companies carves new niche in market Public Relations is for all intents and purposes only
limited by your companies ability to take advantage of creative ideas.

Many small to medium sized publications are constantly looking for good sources of news. Pay special attention to the content of your press releases and look for unique angles to promote your company’s milestones and achievements.

The press release is what the hammer is to the nail, and can get the job done to boost your brand awareness in your public relations campaign.

Some press releases can be used systematically since some events in your company occur monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Pay careful attention to your company’s activities, and develop a list of potential press release topics.

Phil Andrews is the Public Relations Director for C & B Books Distribution Center located at www.cbbooksdistribution.com which is an online bookstore specializing in African-American books and Multi-Cultural books.

Mr. Andrews is also the Public Relations Director for www.blackbusinesscircle.com, Harlem Book Fair on Long Island, Queens Book Fair, African American Genealogical Association (www.aagsinc.com), and awarenessmagazine.net

He is a current member of 100 Black Men of Long Island/Member of 100 Black Men of America, and a business columnist for Black Star News located at www.blackstarnews.com

Phil Andrews P.A. Public Relations Co. Opens in New York - 2004-09-16

Phil Andrews P.A. Public Relations Co. Opens in New York

New York, NY - Phil Andrews P.A. Public Relations Co. Opens in New York. Phil Andrews has served in many capacities during the last decade such as 100 Black Men Board of Directors, Roosevelt Chamber Commerce Board Member. He has been honored as the Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year 1995 and Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/West Indian Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year.

Mr. Andrews is also listed in Who’s Who in Black America, Internationational Who's Who and has been featured in Community Journal Newspaper, Point of View Newspaper, Shop Talk Magazine, Amsterdam news, and Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review. He is also featured in the book 15 Years of Minority Business Development written by Mr. Robert H. Adams publisher of the Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review.

Mr. Andrews has served on the Executive Board of the Hempstead NAACP and is certified as a Mentor by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Phil Andrews is a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School.

He also was a member of the Editorial Board of the Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review. He has been a past member of the Roosevelt Kiwanis Club, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, New York City Corrections Guardians, and Caribbean American Association in Correction. The NYC Department of Correction also awarded him an Excellent Duty Medal and Commendation Medal. Mr. Andrews also was a candidate for the Correction Officer's Benevolent Association presidency, which is a 10,000 member union.

Mr. Andrews is a member an associate member of Black Women Enterprises (BWE), which is largest black owned women organization in New York state whose primary goal is to strengthen black owned women businesses. Mr. Andrews is a trustee for the Hempstead Horn Newspaper in Hempstead.

Mr. Phil Andrews is a past member of the National African American Speaker Association (N.A.A.S.A). Mr. Andrews has presented motivational speeches for well over a decade in the New York Metro area, and has been featured in various print media, and magazines. Mr. Andrews served as Executive Vice president of the Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchise for the last decade, and is the current Public Relations Director for C & B Books Distribution Center (www.cbbooksdistribution.com) which is a unique bookstore online which sells best selling titles and carries top authors.

Mr. Andrews served as Executive Vice president of the Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchise for the last decade, and is the current Public Relations Director for C & B Books Distribution Center (www.cbbooksdistribution.com) which is a unique bookstore online which sells best selling titles and carries top authors.

He is currently working on the Public Relations committee for the 2004 Harlem Book Fair on Long Island, last years Harlem Books Fair on Long Island attracted well over 2000 participants. Recently, Mr. Andrews was appointed as the Public Relations Director for Blackbusinesscircle.com. Mr. Phil Andrews looks foward to continually providing Public Relations to his diverse and growing list of clients.

For Public Relations inquiries you may email us at philandrews2001@yahoo.com P.A. Public Relations Co. provides - Public Relations Services, Corporate ,and Organization Communications.

Phil Andrews
P.A. Public Relations Co.
Public Relations Services, Corporate ,and Organization Communications
Email us today at philandrews2001@yahoo.com for Free Estimate on *Press Releases * Event Promotion * Media Announcements

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Power Networking Tips

Power Networking Business Seminar Series~(P.N.B.S.S.)
New York's Premier Business Network

Power Tips By Phil Andrews

Quality people – Quality people move in quality circles. We become like those who we associate with, birds of a certain feather flock together.

Enhance listening skills – America is a nation that is weak in listening skills. Good listeners do extremely well in America. Learn to listen to your customer needs. A key to success in business is to find a need and fill it.

Communication – Superior communication skills is essential to success in business and life. Learn to communicate to more people on a massive scale, and communicate with them on a more frequent basis.

Value Quality Human Connections – Never underestimate the value of a single human contact. People are one of the most valued resources on the planet. Be nice to people at all times, all the money that you will ever make will come through people.

Become a master communicator.

Networking – Get involved in a growing network.

Network to increase your net worth.

Mastermind principle - Employ the mastermind principle. Work with mental minds that are harmonized for greater effort and great achievement. Whenever there is two or three present God is in the midst. God’s principles of success move with God’s speed. Divine providence is on your side when you act with faith, and move with action.

Power Positioning – Operate from a position of power. Become masters at whatever you do, and you will be able to operate from a position of power.

Quote: Mr. S. B. Fuller Millionaire – " Nothing from nothing leaves nothing". "Daddy never had nothing, because he desired nothing" Start with intense desire, and you start with one of nature’s greatest allies. The secret of the ages is that desire is the starting point of all achievement. Get your belly on fire and the whole world will come to watch you burn. Intense desire will bring into our life the people, places, and things that we need for our survival.

Tips on Power Networking & Rapport

Top Networking Expert Presents Tips on Building Power Networking & Rapport
By Phil Andrews

Contact: Phil Andrews @ cbbookspr@aol.com to be placed on email list.
The Power Network business Seminar Series conducts Power Networking Business card exchange in the New York Metro area.


1) One of the major goals of networking is to develop rapport, no one ever knows exactly when this will happen. It is important to keep this goal in mind at all times. Millions of dollars worth of business is lost every year due to lack of relationship savvy.

2) Learn to master the art of communication, a person’s ability to form rapport is enhanced when they communicate in ways that display high levels of self-mastery.

3) Make listening to others a habit, if you wish to develop rapport and network effectively.

4) Find ways to help others, and your success building rapport will increase in proportion to the help you give.

5) Show up for your success, someone may be waiting for the opportunity to build rapport and network with you. You will never know all of your life’s possibilities if you miss most of the opportunities that come your way.

6) Develop a keen sense of observation, you must have a general idea when rapport is formed with another human being.

7) Continue to build on the initial rapport you have gained from the human encounter, and continue to network your new associates in a positive manner.

8) The time it takes to develop rapport varies from relationship to relationship.

9) First impressions are often lasting impressions, so handle every human encounter with extreme caution.

10) Every round of networking is important, you never know which round you will succeed. Start out with the right attitude and behavior from the beginning and you will be halfway to your success.

Business Web Sites

All small businesses can benefit from being on the Net by Kelvin Brown

All small businesses can benefit from being on the Net by Kelvin BrownCopyright Kelvin Brown 2001 when I mention to a business owner the importance of being on the Internet, I usually get one of three responses (and sometimes all three):

1 I can't afford it.

2 My clients are not on the Net.

3 I can't even use or don't own a computer. Let none of these reasons stand in your way. Your business really should be on the Net.

Please share article this with friends/associates who are business owners, especially those who do not have Net access. So, lets talk about the first reason: I can't afford it. It should be, I can't afford not to be on the Net.

Most of the time when I hear this and probe further, this thought comes from having read or heard about large companies losing millions of dollars. Why? Because that seems to be big news, you just don't often hear about how small companies use the Net successfully, unless they suddenly boost profits by 1,000 percent.

I would like for you to listen in on one of my presentations. Business Person: Okay, Kelvin, so how much will it cost to get started on the Internet? Kelvin: Well, Mr. /Ms. Business Person, it is actually possible to start for no money down and just an hour or so of your time. Business Person: No way. I heard it costs thousands of dollars. Kelvin: Well, it can cost thousands. But you could start by placing free ads on many existing websites, such as Yahoo Classifieds or free listings in web-based directories, such as Google.com, Looksmart.com or Yahoo.com. Kelvin:

You could also place paid ads in Internet directories and newsletters like the www.AfricanAmericanBusinessDirectory.com and www.shopDCmetro.com, for as little as $10. Business Person: Well, Kelvin, you said that I should really have my own website. So, tell me, how much is it really going to cost? Kelvin: Okay Mr. /Ms. Business Person, let’s talk about how you would use the web, and what your budget might be. Is your business service or product oriented? Business Person: Well, it's a little of both; I sell and service heating and air conditioning units.

Kelvin: What is your budget for the Internet? Keep in mind that most of your start-up costs will be in design and setup. After that, your monthly costs will usually just be for hosting, about $40 or less depending on your needs. Business Person: Like I said, my clients aren't even on the Net, so I don't want to spend lot money - Maybe $400 to start and $30 a month. Kelvin is thinking; hmm. This is a test. I know he can afford more, but he is still not sure about this Net thing. So I am going to set his mind at ease.

Kelvin: Mr. /Ms. Business Person, what is your skill level with a computer and on the Internet? Business Person: Like I said, I can barely turn a computer on. When I need something from a computer I usually ask my teenage daughter to help me. Kelvin: Mr. /Ms. Business Person, I have good news; you can still get started for the price range I mentioned earlier. Your daughter should be able to help you with simple updates or changes.

Kelvin: Do you have any idea how you would use the website? Business Person: So I can tell people about my business. What I sell, service and how to find me? Kelvin: Mr. /Ms. Business Person, we are working with a small budget, but we can establish an Internet presence for you by the end of the week. Business Person: You're kidding! Really? And you can do this for $400? Show me.

Kelvin: First, let's review what you already use for print ads: fliers, brochures, newspaper ads, etc. We are going to use your existing materials to make a three-page site for you. The first page will be about what you sell, service and where you are located. The second page will be a little history about you and the business, and the third page will be a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, with a feedback form.

(Wow! This article is getting longer than I intended. I hope you're still reading. We are almost done.) Business Person: Tell me more about this; what did you call it, FAQ. Kelvin: The FAQ could be your most valuable page.

It could answer current customers’ questions without having to contact you, personally. This saves you phone time and possibly, even, on-site visits. Kelvin: Okay, now we need to talk about registering a domain name for your business, you know a dot com name. I'll choose the name, collect at least 50% of the money up front and deliver the website as promised. Remember the daughter? I asked to have her email me, so that I could verify that she could check email and report it to on a daily basis.

Two weeks later: Business Person: Hey Kelvin, I did as you said and added my website address to my service contracts and voicemail system. I hardly ever get a call about how to change a filter, now. And my daughter added me to a several lists. But, I just wanted to say thanks, and you should be getting calls from a couple of my friends. (End of presentation.) I have had actual presentations like the one you just read. Some businesses have less than $400 to work with. But usually after they become aware of the benefits of being on the Net, they find ways to increase their start-up money. If you have been trying to convince yourself or your friends to get a business website, I hope this helps. Kelvin Brown http://www.blackwebhost.com?newschannel

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Brooklyn's Fashion Blog

A-liners a "BROOKLYN" Fashion Blog!
YES BROOKLYN! A liners celebrates the close relationship that exist between the local Brooklyn fashion design industry and the entertainment and nightlife community! Today 'Made In New York", translates to Made,In, Off or For or By Brooklyn's Independent designers and labels. They are leaders in their field and Artist Mosaic will bring you to their store, studios and Boutiques; Photos, interviews, collections, on-line shows! The Ultimate on-line Fashion portfolio, lookbook and collective! http://www.a-liners.blogspot.com/

Power Networking Blogs

Day or Night Networking Events Around NY

A new blog has been created which features Day or Night Networking Events Around NY. The Blog is located at http://nyevents.blogspot.com

AALBC.COM Founder New Blog

If you are an author, or know of an author, who has published a web log or Blog — let us know (email: troy@aalbc.com). We will continue to provide a list of interesting Blogs on our newsletters. If you don't know what a Blog is; visit AALBC.com's founder's new Blog at http://aalbc.com/blog

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African American Income Disparities and Bridging the Gap

African American Income Disparites and Bridging the Gap

African American Income Disparities have gained widespread attention over the last couple of months in many publications. The root of the problem of income disparities may be solved by creating an early track for financial empowerment for future generations.

Mr. Earl Graves of Black Enterprise is calling for all African Americans to make a declaration of financial independence and to become home owners by the age of twenty five. I agree with Mr. Graves philosophy of early home ownership. I have been a homeowner in NYC since the age of 25 and homeownership is one of the major area where we will decrease the disparity of the income gap that we currently have compared to other groups.

I would also encourage all African Americans to begin to cultivate financial literacy in their offspring at an early age. Percy Sutton made a statement that affected my life at an early age, he stated that "we do not grow up in a culture of business". He also said that "All of my life I have had access to people of abilty, but did not have access to capital, I believe anything is possible if one has access to capital and people of ablity". His statement encouraged me so much that we talking to a few co-workers about opening the Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchise, I immediately responded let's get some investors. Oftentimes, in life what we can not do alone we can do together.

Business often needs different mindset, skillsets, and people of different financial means to get a business off the ground. I am encouraged that our future generations will produce outstanding businessman and businesswomen. An old saying is that what first appears in the race must, must first appear individual. We will begin to bridge the gap when we begin to teach our children the value of savings, and investing at an early age. The establishment of youth entreprenuerial programs will be an added benifit to our future generations. The earlier we begin this new model of achievement, the more we will be able to stay ahead of the learning program.

Every African American Businessman and Businesswomen should look to mentor a member of the future generation to ensure an ongoing legacy, and to maximize the time our future generation will have to work with business concepts. In the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiosaki states that when you have the education, and experience , increased capital will soon come. W. E. B. Dubois was an advocate of planning and stated that we should plan our lives fifthy years in advace. He also said that "To live life without planning is to live life as if life is not a serious thing". I had the experience of running the Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchise for a period of over ten years.

In this experience I learned how to make a million dollars, and it created a tremendous amount of leverage for me in my life. I was able to take the running of a simple barbershop and catipult that experience to open doors for me such as being elected to the Board of Directors of the 100 Black Men, Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce, Hempstead NAACP Board, West Indian Chamber of Commerce, and recieve the Nassau Council Chambers of Commerce/Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the year award in 1995, and the Nassau Council Chambers of Commerce/West Indian Chamber of Commerce Small Business Person of the Year award in 1998.

Today I am still a member of the Board of Directors of 100 Black Men, African Atlantic Geneaological Association Board Member, Harlem Book Fair of Long Island Public Relations Director, Queens Book Fair Public Relations Director, Awarenessmagazine.net PR Director, and Cbbooksdistribution.com PR Director. In order for African Americans to bridge the gap between income disparities we must start sooner than later.

Time is one of the greatest resources that we have while we are on this planet. It is often said that Bill Gates is given the same 24 hours in a day as each in everyone of us. The question remains are you fully utilizing your all of your God Given attributes to your fullest potential. In our space, in our time, we can and must make a difference. Let do it.

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Sister Talk is a great blog with tons of Black Blog Links

Sister Talk located at http://sistertalk.com/blackblogs/links.php has a ton of great Black Blogs listed.