Power Networking Business News: Public Relations boost Brand Awareness for African American Companies

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Public Relations boost Brand Awareness for African American Companies

Public Relations boost Brand Awareness for African American Companies Public Relations is a great tool for African-American businesses to build brand awareness for their companies. Most small companies have many newsworthy events that their companies encounter on a daily basis.

Press releases are a major tool for many companies’ public relations campaign. Brand awareness for a company is built over time, and can yield significant results if your campaign is strategically and systematically planned and executed.

The following is a list of some ideas for your companies public relations campaign:

1) XYZ company celebrates 5th year anniversary

2) Book company expands throughout continental U.S.

3) Technology company launches new product

4) Company exceeds sales projection

5) Executive elected to board of directors of non-for- profit

6) New employee joins company

7) Company B forms strategic alliance with company R

8) Company opens new branch office

9) C & B Books Distribution Center receives small business award

10) Telecommunications companies carves new niche in market Public Relations is for all intents and purposes only
limited by your companies ability to take advantage of creative ideas.

Many small to medium sized publications are constantly looking for good sources of news. Pay special attention to the content of your press releases and look for unique angles to promote your company’s milestones and achievements.

The press release is what the hammer is to the nail, and can get the job done to boost your brand awareness in your public relations campaign.

Some press releases can be used systematically since some events in your company occur monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Pay careful attention to your company’s activities, and develop a list of potential press release topics.

Phil Andrews is the Public Relations Director for C & B Books Distribution Center located at www.cbbooksdistribution.com which is an online bookstore specializing in African-American books and Multi-Cultural books.

Mr. Andrews is also the Public Relations Director for www.blackbusinesscircle.com, Harlem Book Fair on Long Island, Queens Book Fair, African American Genealogical Association (www.aagsinc.com), and awarenessmagazine.net

He is a current member of 100 Black Men of Long Island/Member of 100 Black Men of America, and a business columnist for Black Star News located at www.blackstarnews.com


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