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Friday, April 15, 2005

Power Networking Tips

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Power Tips By Phil Andrews

Quality people – Quality people move in quality circles. We become like those who we associate with, birds of a certain feather flock together.

Enhance listening skills – America is a nation that is weak in listening skills. Good listeners do extremely well in America. Learn to listen to your customer needs. A key to success in business is to find a need and fill it.

Communication – Superior communication skills is essential to success in business and life. Learn to communicate to more people on a massive scale, and communicate with them on a more frequent basis.

Value Quality Human Connections – Never underestimate the value of a single human contact. People are one of the most valued resources on the planet. Be nice to people at all times, all the money that you will ever make will come through people.

Become a master communicator.

Networking – Get involved in a growing network.

Network to increase your net worth.

Mastermind principle - Employ the mastermind principle. Work with mental minds that are harmonized for greater effort and great achievement. Whenever there is two or three present God is in the midst. God’s principles of success move with God’s speed. Divine providence is on your side when you act with faith, and move with action.

Power Positioning – Operate from a position of power. Become masters at whatever you do, and you will be able to operate from a position of power.

Quote: Mr. S. B. Fuller Millionaire – " Nothing from nothing leaves nothing". "Daddy never had nothing, because he desired nothing" Start with intense desire, and you start with one of nature’s greatest allies. The secret of the ages is that desire is the starting point of all achievement. Get your belly on fire and the whole world will come to watch you burn. Intense desire will bring into our life the people, places, and things that we need for our survival.


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