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Friday, April 15, 2005

Tips on Power Networking & Rapport

Top Networking Expert Presents Tips on Building Power Networking & Rapport
By Phil Andrews

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1) One of the major goals of networking is to develop rapport, no one ever knows exactly when this will happen. It is important to keep this goal in mind at all times. Millions of dollars worth of business is lost every year due to lack of relationship savvy.

2) Learn to master the art of communication, a person’s ability to form rapport is enhanced when they communicate in ways that display high levels of self-mastery.

3) Make listening to others a habit, if you wish to develop rapport and network effectively.

4) Find ways to help others, and your success building rapport will increase in proportion to the help you give.

5) Show up for your success, someone may be waiting for the opportunity to build rapport and network with you. You will never know all of your life’s possibilities if you miss most of the opportunities that come your way.

6) Develop a keen sense of observation, you must have a general idea when rapport is formed with another human being.

7) Continue to build on the initial rapport you have gained from the human encounter, and continue to network your new associates in a positive manner.

8) The time it takes to develop rapport varies from relationship to relationship.

9) First impressions are often lasting impressions, so handle every human encounter with extreme caution.

10) Every round of networking is important, you never know which round you will succeed. Start out with the right attitude and behavior from the beginning and you will be halfway to your success.


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