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Tuesday, August 30, 2005



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SEPTEMBER 8, 2005 – SEPTEMBER 9, 2005


(August 19, 2005 – New York) - The National African-American Insurance Association (www.naaia.org), formed in 1997 was created specifically to address the needs of the ever-increasing number of African-Americans in the insurance arena. In an effort to continue to heighten awareness and increase membership in its organization, the NAAIA will host its annual conference for African-American insurance professionals September 8th – 10th at The Brooklyn Marriott located at 333 Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn. The conference will run daily from Thursday, September 8 culminating in a dinner gala on Friday, September 9, 2005.

The lineup for this year’s conference will include a host of diverse exhibitors and presentations as well as many notable guest speakers, such as the Honorable William Thompson, Controller of New York City, Professor Richard Bennett, Associate Professor and member of the faculty of St. John’s University’s school of Risk Management and Actuarial Science at the Peter J. Tobin College of Business, and Dr. Harold Gray, Director of the Center for Insurance Education and the Center for Professional Development at Howard University. The conference promises to be an exciting journey through the changes and challenges facing African-Americans in the insurance industry today and those on the horizon. Additionally, conference topics such as "Employment Practices Liability Insurance: The Legal Environment and How It Works", “Critical Thinking” and “FloodSmart 101” are sure to inspire insightful dialogue and generate innovative thoughts and ideas among participants.

As outlined on its website, www.naaia.org, the main purpose of the NAAIA is to “create a network among minorities who are employed by insurance companies or self-employed in the insurance industry.” The organization has grown tremendously since its inception with new chapters nationwide. It is the NAAIA’s mission to “coordinate the national efforts of the African-American Insurance organizations and professionals.” The NAAIA plans to continue to build its organization by engaging in activities such as planning and promoting various national conferences, generating quarterly newsletters, and serving as one of the premier resources for African-American insurance professionals across the nation. This organization has only just begun to spread its wings. In the years to come, the NAAIA will be the organization to watch as it soars to new heights in both the African-American insurance world and the insurance world alike.

For further information about the National African American Insurance Association, board members as well as conference registration and participation information, please consult the NAAIA website at www.naaia.org or call (866) 56-NAAIA.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The African Atlantic Genealogical Society, QBR, the Black Book Review will present the third Annual Harlem Book Fair on Long , SEPTEMBER 15-17, 2005

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Harlem Book Fair on Long Island

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The African Atlantic Genealogical Society, QBR, the Black Book Review will present the third Annual Harlem Book Fair on Long , SEPTEMBER 15-17, 2005

The African Atlantic Genealogical Society, QBR, the Black Book Review will present the third annual Harlem Book Fair on Long Island on Saturday, September 17, 2005, from 12 noon until 6:00 p.m., at the Freeport Recreation Center, 130 East Merrick Road, in Freeport. The book fair was established in Harlem in 1998, by Max Rodriguez, publisher of QBR, and has been held annually in Harlem, New York City. Long Island was established as a venue in 2003. Since then other venues have been established in San Diego CA, Roxbury MA, and Buffalo NY.

The book fair will be held outdoors on the patio. (In case of inclement weather, it will be held in the gymnasium.) There will be an “Open Mike”, a Writers Workshop, and Panel Discussions. Popular authors will be available for book signing. The day's events include a Children’s Pavilion, where authors of children’s books will read from, or talk about, their works. Storytellers, clowns, and a stilt-walker will entertain the children. The book fair is free, and open to the public.

Events preceding the book fair are: Thursday, September 15, at 6:30 p.m., there will be a lecture by Christopher Benson, author of Death of Innocence: the Story of the Hate Crime that Changed America. Death of Innocence was written in collaboration with the late Mamie Till-Mobley. It relates the tragic story of her son, Emmet Till, whose murder was a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement of the ‘60s. The lecture will be held at the Freeport Recreation Center.

On Friday, September 16, from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., there will be a gala Authors Reception at the African American Museum of Nassau County, 110 North Franklin Street, Hempstead NY. A buffet dinner will be served and the authors will be present for signing. Music will be provided by Chuk Fowler and Higher Energy. Donation $35.00, advance sales only. For reservations call Blondell Davis at 516-345-0200.

The hosting of the Harlem Book Fair on Long lsland is made possible by supporters: Verizon, Freeport Memorial Library, Freeport Recreation Center, and Astoria Federal Savings.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

East Brooklyn National Black Chamber of Commerce Official Launch October 2005

Brooklyn, New York - East Brooklyn National Black Chamber of Commerce Official Launch and VIP Networking Mixer October 2005

Brooklyn, New York - East Brooklyn National Black Chamber of Commerce launches new Chamber of Commerce in Brooklyn. Lisa Washington is the Founding President of the East Brooklyn NBCC. The EB NBCC will be presenting hosting its initial launch on Monday, October 3, 2005 at the South Oxford Space's Great Room located at 138 South Oxford Street, 2nd Fl. Brooklyn, New York. The East Brooklyn National Black Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States and via interaction with the Black Diaspora.

East Brooklyn NBCC Profile
The East Brooklyn National Black Chamber of Commerce is a member of The National Black Chamber of Commerce. The East Brooklyn NBCC was established in September 2005. The East Brooklyn NBCC is part of The National Black Chamber of Commerce which was incorporated in Washington, DC in March 1993. This business association represents 95,000 Black owned businesses and provides an advocacy that reaches all 1 million Black owned businesses.

The East Brooklyn NBCC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of African American communities. The East Brooklyn NBCC is part of 190 affiliated chapters which are locally based throughout the nation as well as international affiliate chapters based in Bahamas, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana and Jamaica and Businesses as well as individuals who may have chose to be direct members with the national office.

In essence, the East Brooklyn NBCC is a 501(c)3 corporation that is on the leading edge of educating and training Black communities on the need to participate vigorously in this great capitalistic society known as America.

Throughout the 1990's, African American businesses in the U.S. posted sales of more than $100 billion annually. In general, African Americans represent an annual spending base of over $800 billion. The East Brooklyn NBCC goal is to harness much of the power that these dollars provides and create unique opportunities for corporations and African American businesses to partner in creating greater opportunity for all people.

The East Brooklyn National Chamber of Commerce historic launch will be presented on Monday, October 3, 2005 at South Oxford Space's Great Room 2nd Floor 138 South Oxford Street (Near Hanson Place), Brooklyn, New York. The East Brooklyn NBCC historic lauch event will include VIP Networking Mixer, Fundraiser, and Membership Drive. The Chamber launch will begin promply at 6:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm. Light refreshment will be included!

For more information on programs and activities of the The East Brooklyn National Black Chamber of Commerce or to inquire about membership you may contact the East Brooklyn NBCC at 1.888.582.5247.

To make reservations for the upcoming East Brooklyn NBCC launch you may contact us today toll free at 1(888) 582.8247 or to RSVP via email contact us at blackbusinesscircle@yahoo.com. RSVP by 9/19/05.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Phil Andrews Posted by Picasa

Black Business "The Little Engine that could change America"

Black Business “The Little Engine that could change America”

By Phil Andrews

Black Business is certainly “The Little engine that could change America”. As I write this article, the story of John H. Johnson Founder of Jet and Ebony Magazine served as a great inspiration for writing “The Little Engine that could Change America” article today. In a book about the life of Mr. John H. Johnson titled “Succeeding against the Odds” I learned that if you develop people self-interest they will develop your self-interest. He inspired me to a life of service to others, and I am forever grateful of his impact on my life.

Mr. John H. Johnson life served as a great inspiration to not only to Blacks, but to all Americans. He was a man of humble beginnings that borrowed $500.00 dollars from his mother to start a 500 Million Dollar business empire, at a time when conditions were harsh for Black Americans.

Madame C. Walker gave us a glimpse in how to get started on our path to financial empowerment when she stated we often get our best start when we push ourselves, and a start is often is what is needed to get us on the road to financial achievement”.

S. B. Fuller is another financial giant that who became a millionaire in the height of segregation. He once said that his mother told him that they lacked what they needed because his father did not have the desire for achievement.

He learned a valuable lesson which is known as the “Secret of the Ages” – when you have desire, you are not starting with nothing. Desire is that starting point of all achievement. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, but with desire you already have riches with your reach if only you learn to turn your desire into a magnificent passion.

Blacks in America have a tremendous amount of persistence and resiliency. We are one of the most educated people of the world and our earning power is greater than some countries in the world.

I have made a determination to focus my life in the area helping Blacks advance in the area of Economic Empowerment. I stand on the shoulders of such great business tycoons such as Mr. John H. Johnson, Reginald Lewis, Earl Graves, Robert Johnson, A. G. Gaston, Madame C. J. Walker, and S. B. Fuller, just to name a few.

I was inspired by another great businessman Mr. Percy Sutton. He stated that the reason for lack of business development was that many blacks did not grow up in a culture of business.

I am grateful for the gains that we are achieving in the area of business development, and I believe that future generations will benefit from the life work of these and the untold heroes that are advocates for Black Business Development. I was inspired by Mr. Percy Sutton quote “I believe that anything is possible if one has access to people of ability and capital, all of his life he had been exposed to people of ability, but sometimes lacked the capital.

His quote inspired me to go into the Haircut Barbershop Franchise by finding people of ability to work together, and combining capital.

The Corporation we formed Nguzo Saba Inc. went on to open multiple Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchises for well over a decade. I am indebted to Mr. Percy Sutton for the wisdom that he imparted in one page in a book written by Mr. Robert H. Adams titled 15 Years of Minority Business Development.

I also give thanks to Mr. Robert H. Adams, Publisher of Economic Forum Minority Business Review for featuring me in the same book along with such giants as Mr. Percy Sutton.

Black Americans will continue to be “The Little Engine that could change America. We have many African American leading Fortune 500 companies and they are training the next generation of leaders to continue to build on the economic gains we have made in America.

Black Power will continue to grow to new heights and levels in the years to come in America. I am excited to be witness such gains, and remain steadfast in doing my part to change the economic landscape of America.

Business Networking Meeting, Monday August 29, 2005 7:15 PM Sharp Light Refreshments. The Meeting Place: 138 South Oxford St, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, New York 11217. Topic: "Growing Your Business Using Technology" Presentations: Technology Essentials, Ashley Pettaway, CEO, SPN Design, Presentations : Business Tools, Phil Andrews, Vice President. Members $15.00 Non-Members $25.00. RSVP & REgister 718.277.5588. Website www.blackbusinesscircle.com Email: blackbusinesscircle@yahoo.com RSVP Early!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Businessinprogress.com presents Networking Social Event

Business in Progress is presenting a Networking Social Event
web site www.businessinprogress.com

August 25, 2005 Networking Social Event

Place: Local West Cafe & Cocktails, One Penn Plaza, 33rd St & 8th Ave

Time: 7pm-9pm

Cost: $20

Please RSVP: info@businessinprogress.com

Phil Andrews



Monday, August 08, 2005

Picture of Mr. Michael Holmes Posted by Picasa

Wealth Creation and Preservation

Wealth Creation and Preservation for the African-American Community
by Michael Holmes

The Black Wall Street was a provocative time in American history that serves as a model and inspiration to many African American communities; unfortunately this experience is not widely known. What took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a boom to African–American businesses and its citizens. Because of segregation many African-Americans were forced to do business among themselves; the black spending power which normally would have been channeled outside was forced to circulate among its own community. This external opposition however proved to be an internal opportunity because, as a result, the black community and business district boomed economically.

It’s believed that “over 600 booming businesses such as doctors, lawyers, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, hospitals, two theaters, schools, a bus line, a bank and General Stores existed in this small black town.”1 Unfortunately, this brimming economy led to boiling jealousy and soon outsiders burned the community to the ground.

Once again, this time in history can and does serve as a model; it shows the power of the black dollar and how that power can be directed back towards its community; and an influx of wealth can be a direct result; that wealth can then be used to ensure that families are provided for and a strong legacy left in the history of the culture.

Now fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly evident that many African-Americans are embracing the benefits of wealth creation through the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship, sound financial education, and home-ownership. But one area that is often overlooked is life insurance planning. Many African-Americans shy away from discussing life insurance planning for two reasons: (1) It’s difficult to discuss the possibility of one’s premature death (2) The benefits of life insurance are rarely understood.

To understand death is to understand life, because death is an inevitable step in the journey of life. Many African-American have debts—a mortgage, education or car loans, regardless of whether they have dependents or not. And final expenses can run into the thousands. If something were to happen to the breadwinner of the family, who would be responsible for such debts?

To understand the benefits of life insurance and to act on that understanding is the most unselfish thing anyone can give to the people they love and care about. A real peace of mind comes about as the result of knowing that financial affairs are in order. Also life insurance can preserve a generation by giving children the opportunities they deserve in the event of premature death; leaving a strong legacy in the minds of the children we love.

Many people are confused about life insurance and the offerings but there are really only two basic types of life insurance protection: term insurance and permanent insurance. Term insurance provides affordable coverage for a specific number of years. This is often the choice when protection needs are high for a limited period of time and affordability is an issue.

Permanent life insurance provides protection for one’s entire life (provided premiums are paid) and accumulates cash value tax-deferred. This cash value can be borrowed against in times of need—such as for funding education, buying a home, retirement —although any unpaid loans accrue interest and will also reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit. There are pros and cons to each type of insurance protection and the best option for you depends on your needs.

In conclusion, with the support of our own communities and businesses, financial preparation and education, life insurance, and a retirement plan tailored to the individual needs of the family we can leave a legacy that even eclipses the one left by the Black Wall Street.

For more information on life insurance and retirement planning , please contact Michael Holmes, Agent, New York Life Insurance Company, at 718-692-5773 or mholmes@ft.newyorklife.com

Mr. Holmes is a member of Blackbusinesscircle.com

Friday, August 05, 2005

Support for Black Business

Support for Black Business

Unique Black Business Listings all in one place. Archives, Archives, Archives. Check the archives at the lower right hand of the page. Businesses are listed in chronological order. Bookmark this website and visit weekly. New black business websites added frequently.

Log on to our blog at http://supportblackbusiness.blogspot.com/

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mark Sanborn Author of the Fred Factor Blog

Mark Sanborn Author of the Fred Factor Blog

Mr. Sanborn book on leadership is a good read.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Picture of John Raye Posted by Picasa

A Good Life With A Good Wife

A Good Life With A Good Wife

by John Raye

Having reached the age of emotional and psychological maturity, I now awake daily with the recurring thought that through all of the ups and downs, life has been pretty good to me.

For one thing, I am a happy Black man, married to an equally happy Black woman who has stood behind, in front, and besides me, come this August, for 45 years. I am fully aware that in an age where most marriages end in divorce court, staying happily married to one woman for forty-five years is nothing short of an absolute miracle!

Fortunate is the man, they say, who finds his calling, his purpose or the work he was born into the world to do. I agree. However, I would add that fortunate also is the man who finds himself a good wife, or a woman who finds herself a good husband.

To Love And Be Loved

I consider myself divinely blessed because the universe sent me a sanctified, purified, right-thinking, right-acting, sugar-coated, sweet smelling, God-sensitive, loving and lovable Black woman who, after 45 years, is still able to put some pep in my step, some glide in my stride and some sunshine on my mind! She is a phenomenal woman, a holy ghost-filled woman who stands not only by her man, but also with her man. My baby, after 45 years still has her mojo working!

She is a woman who loves to be loved! And she knows how to love! She also knows the distinct difference between agitation and adulation. She knows how to be a woman! Now that is the real secret to sustaining a positive relationship…how to be your authentic self!!

I know of no greater blessing than to love and be loved by a soul mate who will love and cherish you just the way you are, not the way she or he wants you to be. Real love, therefore, must extend beyond physical attraction and personal intimacy. Sexual desires and sexual intimacy while normal and natural, cannot sustain a harmonious relationship.

Sex may be, and often is, the perfect combination that brings two people together, but it is not the vital link that will maintain that bond forever. Whitney may sing her heart out about “good loving is all I need”, but history teaches us that good loving also has certain limitations.

There comes a time when the sex urge surrenders to the passage of time. What do you do when the urge disappears? When the fire flickers and flames out? When your sugar pie balloons from a sexy size 8 to a jolly 22? Those once passionate evenings of steamy lovemaking now reside in the dark shadows of a distant memory. Time, you see, erases everything, the good, the bad, and even the beautiful!

But true love, real love, between a man and women is a sure thing. Not even death, the great equalizer, can wipe out true love. True love is, of course, universal love and as such, is not limited by time, space, condition or circumstance. True love is supreme love, the kind that last forever. Jesus, for example, exemplifies true love. His life, I believe is one worthy of emulation. You never forget this kind of love. Life becomes one happy, extended journey when one becomes more Christ-like by walking, talking, teaching and preaching like Jesus. Wasn’t Jesus all about love?

Preserve And Protect Your Love

Love, like faith, is work in action. You nourish, preserve and protect that which you love. You wouldn’t let a fox stand guard at the hen house, would you? Learn to protect and preserve that special person in your life. In other words, when you find a “good thing”, hold on to it!!

As a lord of this earth, it is your sacred duty to protect your domain. You are the guardian of a great legacy and your responsibility is to make sure future generations benefit from this legacy. You do realize, of course, that someone stood in the gap long before you and I got here, don’t you?

I am eternally grateful for my past, and most grateful and optimistic about my future because life, difficult moments not withstanding, is about expansion. Having survived the lasting vestiges of slavery and segregation, I can celebrate my good fortune because I am still here, and still doing the work, I was put on this good earth to do.

And in doing my work, I found a good thing in this good woman who one day, some 45 years ago, walked quietly into my life. That day, was a defining moment because I’ve never been quiet the same since. Like most men, I work hard, really, to satisfy this special woman. When you love something, you work hard to cherish and protect it.

Women Have Special Powers

I know for a fact that women have been blessed with special powers. And any man with good sense will admit to this because most men are made or unmade by the women in their lives. There is no denying the influence of a well-balanced woman who is in lock-step with her purpose. With a good woman at his side, whispering the right words into his ear, an unconfused man becomes unstoppable because women are the supreme confidence builders, the pillars of faith and rock-solid courage, the primary opinion makers, and mind shapers. A good woman can put some backbone back into a weak man and make him stand up, even when he doesn’t want to do so.

At the same time, and more than anything else, a woman of ill-repute can quickly bring down a good man. Of course, this works both ways; a good woman can just as easily and quickly get messed up by a foolish, bone-headed man, also. Few men will admit to it, but women largely control just about everything in society including the man. However, this hardly matters because so much of a woman’s power goes unused, unnoticed, underutilized and really, unknown. And power is like knowledge; it means nothing unless applied!

Many women, therefore, end up in unhappy relationships because of the misuse or more specifically, the non-use of their special powers. Any woman can control and dominate any man when she understands and make use of her special gifts. But one must know how to use what one has been blessed with!! Sisters, get busy and start learning about your special gifts. If you don’t know, go talk to women who have kept their man at home and from roaming for 40 or more years. They are in full flight, using every ounce of that divine power. Most men are trainable, and therefore, must be trained to remain focus on one thing, and that one thing is you…a good woman! However, no animal can be trained unless you first get its attention. So the question becomes, (1) how does one get a man’s attention and (2) how does one hold it! Find some right-thinking sisters,( with man-handling experience) ask them, and then follow their lead!

Conflict, confusion and chaos leads to mental imbalance and causes abject ignorance. You can never master another person, change a situation or condition, until you master yourself. And you can never master or control yourself, or anyone else, until you gain a clear understanding of yourself.

Self-Love Is The Answer

Self-love begins with the acquisition of self-knowledge. Ignorance emerges when knowledge is denied, mis-applied, mis-directed or ignored. Knowledge without application is ignorance in disguise.

It is a known fact that self-love begets self-respect. Thus the formula for a long-lasting, unforgettable love affair begins, we do declare, with the acquisition of self-knowledge which, in turn, leads to self-love, which then gives birth to self-respect. Couples who have been together for a long time will admit to having a heavy dose of self -love and mutual respect for each other. This makes so much sense because you cannot respect another human being unless you first learn to respect yourself.

The Law of Respect begins with the Black woman. God knows, this has to be a special human being. She is the crown jewel of the human family, the backbone of the Black family, and a rock of solidarity in a leaderless, floundering, frustrated and severely fragmented Black community.

She has withstood the horrors of slavery, watched helpless as her husband and children were lynched, brutalized, snatched and sold away to other slavers. Against her will, she was forced to submit to the lustful desires of the slave master, bore his children as well as her own, a condition which continues to this day. Under the most oppressive, unimaginative conditions, she remains, even now, the glue that keeps the Black family together. What manner of woman is this?

An Angel In Disguise

Let it be known that the universe has smiled upon us in the form of the Black woman who is nothing more than an angel in disguise. The fact that we have survived the most hellish conditions since the dawn of civilization, can be traced directly back to the survival instincts of the Black woman. She is the mother of all mothers, the unseen angel for millions of motherless, fatherless, homeless Black children, and sometimes, undependable, disgruntled, frustrated and confused Black men.

How does one honor such a gift? Take a moment and consider how you got here, and who raised you, and who, to this day, sustains you and your sometimes quirky personality. Living successfully and harmoniously with a Black man has never been an easy undertaking because society, even to this day, refuses to grant, recognized or acknowledge his manhood, and his right to be treated like other men. Because he is so despised or ignored by the larger society, the Black man, in many instances, has become a victim of his own self-hate. He has turned in on himself, despised, hated and rejected by the larger society to such an extent that he has begun to despise his fellow Black brothers and sisters, as well as himself. This is one confused animal.

He has not learned how to love and appreciate himself, and his own special qualities which are nothing less than divine and unique. This is due directly to his devil-driven oppressor who, during 400 years of involuntary slavery, tampered with his mind.

No doubt, the spirit of the Black man has been modified, marginalized and compromised to such an extent that he has temporarily lost control of himself. Such a man can only be put back into his right mind by a righteous, right-thinking, right-acting woman of color who understands that she is dealing with a wounded animal. The Black woman is a natural born psychologist. Somewhere in your family line, even in your darkest hours, listen closely and you will hear the sounds of her reassuring voice. She is the unseen angel that sustains all of us. My, my, what a magnificent gift the universe has sent us!

----John Raye is the author of “Make Yourself Great” and director for MATAH products and ComproTax. Reach him at (336) 996-4704 or johnraye@matah.com