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Sunday, April 17, 2005


African American Businessman Phil Andrews Celebrates 15 Years of Community service to Long Island Community

Mr. Phil Andrews a prominent African American businessman in the Long Island community celebrates 15 Years of community service to the Long Island community.

Mr. Andrews was recently was selected to be featured on The Literary World located at www.literaryworld.org The Literary World features top individuals in the literary world who are influential in the book industry.

He has conducted Power Networking Business Seminars for well over a decade in the Long Island region and continues to impact the area economically. Mr. Andrews is C & B Books Distribution public relations director. Phil Andrews recently propelled C & B Books Distribution Center to over 100,000 web site hits in a period of less than 14 months.

C & Books is one of the fastest growing online bookstores in the country. C & B Books has been featured at Circle of Sisters Expo and highlighted on Unity First News wire located at www.cbbooksdistribution.com C & B Books has a special authors club where they feature and promote aspiring authors through a authors club which specializes in self-published authors and aspiring authors.

Mr. Andrews recently joined the National African American Speakers Association and has been recently appointed as the Vice President of Public Relations for the National African American Speakers Association (NAASA).

Phil Andrews has served in many capacities during the last decade such as 100 Black Men Board of Directors, Roosevelt Chamber Commerce Board Member.

He has been honored as the Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year 1995 and Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/West Indian Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year.

Mr. Andrews is also listed in Who’s who in Black America and has been featured in Community Journal Newspaper, Point of view newspaper, Shop Talk Magazine, Amsterdam news, and Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review. He is also featured in the book 15 Years of Minority Business Development written by Mr. Robert H. Adams publisher of the Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review.

Mr. Andrews has served on the Executive Board of the Hempstead NAACP and is certified as a Mentor by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. He is also the Public Relations Director for Queens Book Fair, Harlem Book Fair on Long Island and www.blackbusinesscircle.com.

Mr. Andrews looks forward to working with C & B Books as they continue to provide quality services to the reading public through the worldwide web. Log on the C & B Books at
to view their extensive catalog of books and request their free BI-monthly newsletter. You may also email C & B Books at cbbookdist@aol.com to request newsletter or inquire about our online services.


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