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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Publicity Campaign Stategies for Small Businesses Wins the War

Publicity Campaign Stategies for Small Businesses Wins the War
by Phil Andrews

Publicity Campaign for Small Businesses have the ability to win the war for Small Businesses over a period of time. Brand awareness takes time and specific strategies for any small business to reap its benefits.

Publicity campaigns should be based of specific goals of each particular business. Every business should map out a well designed plan to take advantage of newsworthy items that appear in their business on a regular basis.

The problem arises with most small businesses is that they are so consumed with many of the day to day activities that public relations campaigns get put on the back burner. Publicity is one area where most small business get can more bang for their buck. Where else can a business get more for their buck in exchange for a little time invested, and creativity.

Some years ago I sent an article to a magazine by the name of Shoptalk Magazine, and they featured a story about the Haircut Hut Barbershop Franchise in which I ran for a period of ten years. The cost of the three page story was a typed letter, envelope and stamp. The magazine space in which the article appeared was valued well over three thousand dollars.

Some areas in which publicity is overlooked in small businessses is anniversaries, addittion of key employees, renovation, new web site, new location, new product line, strategic alliances, partnerships, etc.

Top of the mind awareness for small businesses must be worked for in a systematic matter. The best way to accomplish such a huge task is to attack your campaign by developing a systematic public relations campaign around specific things that occur in your business. Look how McDonalds capitalized on the number of hamburgers sold. They leveraged the number of sales into one of the biggest publicity campaigns. Small businesses can also leverage newsworthy events that happen in their business on a regular basis.

The art of the big deal should be a business owners primary way of thinking. If you do not make a big deal out of the accomplishmenst of your business no one els will think second about it, matter of fact no one will no about your great news.

Newspapers need news. We live in an information society, and if newspapers can get a great story for free most newspapers will cover your story if it fits their need for specific content.

The greatest thing about publicity is that it is just the beginning when your article first appears in a publication. Your featured article can now be copied and sent to friends, you can use it in a press kit or put it on your website, or event use it in our online newsletters. Publicity is a door opener and if used correctly it can open many more doors and get you many more features.

The hardest thing about a publicity campaign is to get it rolling, it has a snowball effect once you get started.

One added benefit, people tend to support the product and services in which they are familiar with on a regular basis. Both large and small companies benefit from publicity. There is no such thing as any company being to well known.

Phil Andrews is a business columnist for Black Star News located at www.blackstarnews.com, PR Director for www.blackbusinesscircle.com, CEO of P.A. Public Relations Co., and host of the Power Networking Series Business Card Exchange. To be placed on the email list for upcoming Power Networking events in the NYC metropolitian area email the Power Networking Series at cbbookspr@aol.com


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