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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gail Richardson CPS, Diversity Trainer – Diversity Good for America

Gail Richardson CPS, Diversity Trainer – Diversity Good for America

Today Black Star News Columnist Phil Andrews will be featuring article by Gail Richardson, CPS, and Diversity Trainer – Diversity Good for America.

It just so happened that I went for a job interview and my prospective employer was a Hasidic Jew. I eagerly extended my hand for a handshake and was greeted by a nod and offer to be seated. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind. Of course, the first was prejudice. Does this man have a problem because I’m black or because I’m a woman?

It wasn’t until after the interview and I was offered the job that someone explained to me that it was against his religion to touch a woman other than his wife. Surprise, surprise and I thought he didn’t like me!

In preparation for a missionary trip to Africa I was informed that African men would not conduct business with a woman. I took the advice and surrounded myself with men who were coached to conduct the business for me when we arrived in Kenya. Once again, the African men who met us at the hotel were not impressed by the cover that I had devised. They specifically asked for the woman who was in charge of the mission. Sheepishly I relinquished my disguise as secretary for these men and took my rightful position as the leader of the mission. These ministers were advised by our liaison that the real leader was a woman. It did not matter to them with whom they conducted business as long as it was accomplished.

It is extremely important for the creation of a productive work atmosphere that the employees become knowledgeable of their cultural differences. Tolerance is the product of understanding. I cannot comprehend what I do not know.

How many misunderstandings, firings, demotions and such may have been avoided if diversity was taught as part of employee training? I’m sure the number is astronomical! Let’s make it a point to do something about it. There are many others, like myself who make it our life’s job to conduct workplace seminars and present inspirational messages and keynote speeches that urge us to embrace our differences and create a true rainbow coalition that brings the best of each of us into our workplace environment.

Let us take a page from the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and judge one another by the content of our character, not the color of our skin, the place of our birth or our choice of religion. Why can’t we all just get along? To contact Gail Richardson for speaking engagements email prepare2bmarried@aol.com

Gail Richardson
Radio Talk Show Host & Certified Public Speaker


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