Power Networking Business News: Queens, New York - Queens Book Fair set to feature top self-published authors nationwide at Book Fair

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Queens, New York - Queens Book Fair set to feature top self-published authors nationwide at Book Fair

Queens, New York - Queens Book Fair set to feature top self-published authors nationwide at Book Fair

Queens, New York - Queens Book Fair April 30, 2005 set to feature top self-published authors nationwide at Book Fair. The sponsor of the Queens Book Fair C & B Books Distribution Inc. promotes self-published and published authors through their online bookstore located at Cbbooksdistribtion.com as well as their two store locations in Queens, New York.

Self-published authors in various literary categories will be participating in the upcoming fair. Book lovers around the New York tri-state area will be flocking the Queens Book Fair to support the literary works of today’s top self-published authors.

C & B Books Distribution Inc. was founded by Carol Rogers & Co-founded by Brenda Piper. C & B Books recently celebrated a milestone of 250,000 web site hits to its online store.

The Queens Book Fair will be held at the Jamaica Market in the Harvest Room 90-40 160th St. Jamaica, New York. The Queens Book Fair will begin at 11:00 A.M. and end at 7:00 P.M.

A Power Networking Breakfast will be held prior to the Queens Book Fair at the same location and will begin at 8:00 A.M. and End at 10:00 AM. Registration for the Power Networking Breakfast can be made by logging on to Cbbooksdistribution.com web site or you may email cbbookdist@aol.com or call 1.718.591.4525 for reservations.

A fee will be required to register for the Power Networking Breakfast. The Queens Book Fair is currently seeking various vendors for our annual Queens Book Fair, which will be held in Queens, New York.

Queens Book Fair will be held in the heart of, Queens, and will draw many of the following vendors to the Queens Book Fair. Children Authors, Christian Authors, Small Business Owners, Self-published & Aspiring Authors, Corporations, Literary Professionals, Vendors, Authors, Political Officials, Medical Providers, Organizations, Non-profit Groups, Insurance Representatives, Financial Representatives, etc.

This event will be advertised locally and abroad to ensure a great turnout.

Wouldn’t you like your company/organization to be recognized as a part of this effort that would bring unity to our communities together under one roof? If you feel that your organization, business, or non-profit organization would benefit from such an event, Email C & B Books today at cbbookdist@aol.com to be placed on our email list to receive updates on the upcoming Queens Book Fair April 30, 2005.

Book lovers and authors interested in participating in the upcoming Queens Book Fair may email us at the above email address for more information.

JoJo Caribbean Showcase TV Show has been selected as the TV media sponsor for the Book Fair.

Call us today at C&B Distribution Inc. tel. no. 1.718.591.4525 and ask to speak to Carol or Brenda for vendor registration or more information on the upcoming Queens Book Fair or you may log on to our web site at http://www.cbbooksdistribution.com/ and contact us. To be placed on our email list for future events email us at cbbookdist@aol.com


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