Power Networking Business News: Power Networking Secrets – Giver’s Gain by Phil Andrews

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Power Networking Secrets – Giver’s Gain by Phil Andrews

Power Networking Secrets – Giver’s Gain

Successful Power Net workers live by the concept of “Giver’s Gain”. If you help enough people get what they want you will automatically get what you want. Giver’s gain is rooted in a fundamental law of the universe “If you sow sparingly, you shall also reap sparingly. Getting without giving always goes against the fundamental grain of the great universe.

Successful Power Net workers are extremely good listeners. It is extremely hard to live by the principle “Givers Gain” if you possess poor listening skills. Givers get involved in productive networking situations which they can cultivate the Givers Gain” philosophy. The universe is constantly rewarding the efforts of givers by attracting the people, places, and things that they need for their survival into their life. Our lives are intertwined; when we help others succeed we increase the capacity to become our best self.

Give of your best to the world, and the world will give the best back to you. Givers never stop practicing the principle “Givers Gain” for they have indoctrinated this principle into their belief system. Learn to give more than you can take, and you will see the law of increase in your life. Find ways to help others in life, and your bounty will be increased one hundred times over.

An old Christian Hymn states “The more you give, the more he gives to you. It is really true, so just keep on giving”. It is really true so just keep on giving. Power Net workers bring something to the table, and have earned a right to go away from the table with new new-found blessings. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Giving has many forms, and is very often very inexpensive. Give of your friendship, talent, knowledge, and time.

Ask others how you may be of assistance to them to reach their goals. Help expand people in your network capacity to meet others, by being a link to positive connections in your circle of influence. You know the rule “Think of others, and they will invariably think of you”. Remember that Universal Law is predictable. Study Great Givers, for success always leaves clues.


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