Power Networking Business News: AMAG Publisher Interviews Nefertiti of Designs by Nefertiti

Thursday, September 29, 2005

AMAG Publisher Interviews Nefertiti of Designs by Nefertiti

AMAG Publisher James Lisbon of Awarenessmagazine.net interviews Nefertiti of Designs by Nefertiti

1) Nefertiti,Tell us about your business and what it entails? My business consist of arts and crafts which includes a variety of different creations based on special occassions or events in people's lives.

2) Nefertiti, Why and when did you start the business? I became interested in working in this field 10 years ago at my baby shower, when I had my daughter. Someone made me a cake made of pampers as a gift. I studied the pamper cake until I was able to master it. I went from making pamper cakes to creating other designs for different events; such as baby showers - Ex. pamper cakes, photo albums, baby ceramic, baby lollipops, bridal showers. I also started creating centerpieces, candy molding, pinons, ceramics, and wedding floral arrangements.

3) Nefertiti, How competitive is your business? It's very competitive based on products produced by others. A competitor may not have the same products that I produce, its important to create products that are not available to other competitors which give my business a special competive edge.

4) Nefertiti, there must be a personal joy or an emotional connection when one purchases one of your baskets. What is the most memorable event or purchase that your business has encountered. Every event has been memorable. It has been a new creation for me and it has allowed me to tap into my creativity on a greater level. If my clients are happy with my products than it enables me to advertise through positive word of mouth and customer satisfaction. Customizing my products to each client's needs generate future revenues and goodwill for my business.

5) Nefertiti, are your baskets made in bulk or on demand? It depends on the event for example - Valentine Day and Easter comes in bulk, then I have special request all year long.

6) Nefertiti, What are the price range of your baskets and what do you put inside your baskets? The prices range fro $25.00 and up. Several of my baskets consist of champagne, candles, body lotions, and picture frames, etc. Since I can customize any order, a lot of what I put into a particular basket depends on the background information that I get from the person who is purchasing the gift basket. Our aim is to please each customer. We put a tremendous amount of love and thought into each basket that we create for the customer. We want to exceed customer expections and make each purchase a memorable occaission.

7) Nefertiti, How important is economic freedom and expression in the African American community? It's very important being a single black mom, I'm able to express my God Given talents.

To contact Nefertiti, or to purchase gifts basket or other products by Nefertiti you may call us today at 917.945.7584 to place your special order. Nefertiti specializes in gifts for all occaissions (Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Sweet Sixteeen, Baby Showers, Valentine Day, Easter, Any Holiday including Christmas and New Years Day).


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