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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Silver Rights the Final Frontier to Freedom for African Americans

Silver Rights the Final Frontier to Freedom for African Americans

By Phil Andrews

African Americans have gained much ground in the area of Civil Rights, we no longer have to ride the back of the bus, nor are we denied public accomondations in the United States of America.

African Americans needs to muster the will power and determination to level the playing field economically in America. We need to develop a massive campaign to stomp out financial illiteracy and begin at an early age.

Just as we follow rituals of brushing our teeth and bathing, sound financial rituals needs to be implemented into the fabric of our lives. Rituals are not overlooked if they are important to us, they become part of our daily routine subconsciously. Tithing, saving, and investing should be a daily habit.

It is said that bad habits are easy to form and hard to break, and good habits are hard to form and easy to break. One sure thing about habits are that they have a powerful impact on our life. The universe works under the law of habit. The seasons always come like clockwork.

Habits have the ability to take us places if we form the proper habits. Some time ago a millionaire taught me to form an important habit, he told me to open a no money account, that is an account where I continued to put money in, and not take money out. He then went on to tell me that the habit of saving money was more important than the amount of money saved. In forming the habit of saving, it would teach me an important lesson and inspire me to do more in the way of saving. If you keep putting money in a no money account you are getting richer and richer. This leads me to speak about the spending habit of African Americans, if we have a need to spend more, than perhaps we need to develop the habit to tithe, save, and invest more of our hard earned dollars.

If we become stewards over the resources that God has loaned us, we would take greater responsibility for the dollars that flow through our hands. A biblical scripture speaks about the fact that if we are faithful rulers of small things, God would make us rulers over larger things.

One day I had the opportunity to hear one of my employees tell his young child to do what ever he wanted with a handful of pennies, he could event throw them away if he wanted to, they don't add up to much. I walked into a bank several months later in a gentleman in a wheelchair walked in the bank with a $1000.00 in pennies under the seat of his wheelchair (Watch your pennies they become dollars).

Perhaps Africans Americans need to take more responsible and control for the dollars that flow through their hands on a daily basis. We have a multi-billion dollar spending pattern, but much of our spending needs to be redirected to tithing, savings, investing, and business development.

We are one of the most educated groups of people on the planet, and have shown in the past that when we Marshall our collective will together we are a force for change.

I commend the NAACP on appointing Bruce Gordon, a prominent business executive to lead our oldest Civil Rights organization. All segments of our communities need to do more good and more prudent in the area of financial management and economic development.

W. E. B Dubois said we should live life as if it is a serious thing, and we should plan our lives fifty years in advance. A people without a vision and a plan are doomed to fail.

I have hope for the future generations, I once read that what first appears in a race must first appear in an individual.

The questions remains are you a change agent for economic development and what will be your financial legacy to future generations.

I hear thousands of people say "Thank God its Friday" but are you broke Monday morning. A significant problem can never be solved by the original thinking that caused the problem.


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